Layaway Guidelines

1. 25% deposit required upon entering into the layaway contract, which is non-refundable or creditable.
2.  No item(s) placed into a layaway will  be shipped until the balance is paid in full for all items.
3.  No payment is refundable, unless I am unable to fulfill the order which would only be in case of a disaster wherein items are destroyed.
4.  Payments must be made by agreed-on fulfillment date.  Buyer is responsible for making the payments, as I do not 'chase' payments. 
5.  I reserve right to increase the shipping cost only in the case that shipping cost has risen more than 5% by the shipping company between the time we enter into this layaway agreement and the time the balance is paid in full.
6.  I reserve the right to edit this agreement upon which I will notify the buyer(s)  of the changes and at that time they have the option to cancel the layaway and receive a refund of their payments.
If you have any questions, or concerns, please let me know.