12" InMotion Girls

This category includes the 12" dolls such as Lia, which was recently reintroduced (see the Lia category for details).  Alexandra, Beatrice, Yuma, Yuri,  MuiMui  share the same head sculpt, while MuiMui and Lia have their own distinct look.

Constructed of  durable vinyl materials, with  21 moving registered "POSIFIRM" joints of articulation,  and the  eyes and wigs are easily changed. Ruby Red Galleria creates dolls with play value, not to be admired but appreciated for their creativity, articulation and the wide variety of wigs, shoes, clothes and accessories made just for Lia.

Shoe size is 3.9cm (1.54 inches) 12"InMotion Girl

Wig size Size 6-7 (15.24cm - 17.78cm) Bleuette, 12 inches InMotion Girl and others