5 Doll Series (5 Crop Fuwa, 5 Elements.

RRG has offered an early set of the Five  Doll Series called "Five Crops Fuwa".  Each doll represented a member of a grain/root family, such as:


Their names are in order:  Sweet Corn, Red Bean, Lotus Root, Pumpkin and Potato.  The edition size was 40 each and they sold out quickly.  You can find them occasionally on the secondary market, however I do have one Pumpkin still in stock.   These dolls have resin heads and vinyl/hard plastic bodies.  The resin heads are heavy and larger than Ten Ping and made the doll a little top heavy.  However, the costuming was over the top and the shoes alone were worth the price.   These dolls share the same clothing and shoes as Ten Ping, Strawberina, Four Kindergartens, and Gigi.  However, the wigs are not the same size.

These dolls share the same body as Ten Ping, Four Kindergartens, and the new Five Doll Series of Elements  which so far include Kim  (Metal) and Fo (Fire)  Their heads are larger for the Elements but made of hard plastic/vinyl so they are not top heavy.

The Five Doll Fuwa share the same head sculpt with Fo and Kim although the latter have vinyl heads rather than resin.


Kim on the right representing the metals; while Fo is a Russian child who loved Chinese Calligraphy so the set includes a child size qill pen, and feather pen holder along with 3 large sheets and a large poster of Chinese characters.

These doll can share wigs with the Five Crops Fuwa and clothing and shoes with Ten Ping.