HA0007A Ten Ping Ruby Red Galleria

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Description: HA0007A Ten Ping doll set

Suggested Retail Price: USD229/ set with limited edition

Items included: Nude doll with make-up, Wig, Shirt, Dress, Handbag, Head-piece, Earrings, Socks, Shoes and a Handkerchief




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    Ten Ping #7

    Posted by Jane hall on 14th Jul 2015

    Ten Ping #7 is as adorable as the previous little girls. The outfits are some of the best ethnic designs I have seen...especially on such a small doll. The materials and creativity are exquisite and I will be buying more. Lone Star Dolls is easy to work with and always there for help if needed.
    Many Thanks.

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    I want to kiss you!

    Posted by Jeri Traw on 19th Jun 2015

    When I saw ten ping's little face I thought she was so cute; when I undid her pillow bag, removed her and took the plastic off her head I just wanted to kiss her like you would a brand new baby....I just love her, and she looks at me with love everytime I look at her. Her clothes are so cute and her hair is just precious. She is definitely now my most favorite doll! Thankyou...

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    I am in LOVE with Ten Ping by Ruby Red Galleria!

    Posted by Jeanne Wiedlocher on 21st May 2015

    My little Ten Ping wasn't supposed to come until Monday, but she arrived on Saturday. I love surprises like this! So let me tell you how she came to live with me.

    I didn't know a thing about this little cutie until 3 weeks ago when I saw her in a picture next to one of Dianna Effner's 13" Little Darling dolls. Ten Ping is a mere 8" tall and was the perfect size to be a little sister to those dolls. Since I have Lian, who is Asian, I thought Ten Ping might be fun for me to add to my collection. The problem soon became apparent that little Ten Ping was sold out everywhere. It's awful to want a doll and know that she's sold out everywhere.

    She is made by Ruby Red Galleria and there have been 5 editions of her last year and the first part of this year. A sixth edition was due out soon, but any doll lover knows how hard it is when you can't find a single doll anywhere on any doll site. It's just a matter of waiting for the next edition. Fortunately, the wait wasn't too long for me. I went to the Ruby Red Galleria website and found a list of dealers for the dolls. I picked Lone Star Dolls in Texas and called to ask some questions. Dale is the owner of the shop there and was just wonderful at answering all the questions I had. She was getting in a handful of dolls so I added my name to her list and was assured I would get one as soon as they came in.

    Ten Ping was sent out on the 16th and she arrived 2 days early...the 18th! Talk about fast service! Saturday, I opened the mailbox and there was that wonderful Priority box with the return label from Lone Star Dolls. Yep! This was the box I was waiting for!!

    She came in the most adorable box with her picture on the outside. When I opened up the box, her outfit was on top. A beautiful little story book was also in there. Before I took her out, I unwrapped her outfit from the tissue paper and looked at it. The workmanship on it was very nice and it's so tiny but seemed to be made very well. The shoes, socks, jump rope, and earrings were in a little packet themselves. I was going to look at them but I decided to get a peek at Ten Ping first.

    She was inside a white satiny sleeping bag that zipped up the front. That in itself was very pretty, but I could see this little face peeking through and knew instantly I was going to love her.

    I unzipped her little quilted bag and revealed the most adorable little doll. She has the sweetest face, with the tiniest eyelashes and just a faint sprinkling of freckles across her nose. Her hair is a thick mohair and is in braids with red ribbons.

    She is very poseable and can bend any way you want her to. It's going to be very fun to make things for her. I can't wait. She's chunkier than I thought she would be. I was told she was 8" tall, only 1/2" taller than Riley, by Helen Kish, but she seems more substantial than Riley and the way she can be posed is a definite plus! I like dolls that can hold teddy bears and little things in their hands. She has an extra joint at her chest that lets you pose her in very realistic poses.

    Her body is made of plastic but it's a very nice material and seems to be a good quality.

    I haven't taken her wig off because I really like the way she looks in it. I may change it up sometime, but not for now.

    I am smitten with her big time and think she might need a sister in the future! Ruby Red Galleria has a few other dolls the same body size and face sculpt as Ten Ping but they are called the Four Kindergarten dolls. Their names are Miki, Mia, Ishara and Jar-Lu. They look like totally different dolls but it's just the way they are painted. I'm crazy about Ishara, the Guardian of Fortune.

    If you are looking for a new little sweetie to add to your doll collection, maybe you should consider Ten Ping or one of the Kindergarten dolls. You won't be sorry!

    I decided to put in her earrings and noticed a tiny little indentation in her ear lobe. I assumed you were supposed to just push the earring in. I tried and it was very difficult. I decided to take off her wig to see if it made it any easier. I found she had a little rubbery wig cap underneath to keep her wig in place. It's very thin and fits her head perfectly. I tried pushing again but was afraid I would slip and put a mark on the side of her face. I decided to use a pin and poke the hole to make it a little bigger. It took a lot of force, but I eventually got them in.

    Since I put her earrings in, I decided I should see what she looked like in her outfit. The pants went on fairly easily and the shoes went okay but I didn't use the socks. Those are some tiny shoe laces, but I got them tied. Her top was made from a knit fabric and was also lined. It was a bit bulky but not too bad.

    When I tried to put on her jacket it was pretty tedious getting it on. The jacket is lined and adds to the bulk. Between the shirt being knit and lined in cotton and the jacket being quilted and lined in cotton too, it's fairly bulky. It would be hard to pose her in the outfit with both the top and the jacket on. The frog closures are pretty tight and I didn't even try to get them fastened. In my personal opinion as a seamstress, I think it would have been better to have one of the garments unlined...either the jacket or the top. Maybe the jacket could have been lined in a satin type fabric so it would slide on a bit easier. It's just a little thick in my opinion.

    Since I plan on sewing for Ten Ping, I undressed her and put the clothes back in the box.

    As I was in my sewing room, looking at her sitting on her box, I heard this tiny faint little voice say something. I leaned in a little closer and heard Ten Ping say...

    "你讓我一個新的衣服? ” “Nǐ ràng wǒ yīgè xīn de yīfú? ”

    Which translated means, "Will you make me a new dress?"

    Someone better get busy sewing!

    Thank you again, Ruby Red Galleria, for making such an adorable doll, and thank you Dale, at Lone Star Dolls, for shipping my doll out to me so quickly! I am truly blessed to have this little sweetheart added to my collection.

    Blessings, Jeanne