Lia, 12" InMotion Girl

Lia, InMotion Girl, was first offered in late 2010.   Lia, Skateboard Wiz, was the first InMotion doll offered, followed by Guitar Solo, Martial Arts, Auld Lang Syne, Grandma's Funky 60's and Miss Teenage Beauty. These dolls were all issued in low numbers, around 40 pieces worldwide.

Standing 12" tall, these dolls had the same playability and versatility as the previously released Senson dolls.   Made of quality vinyl, the term 'Posifirm' was registed and describs the 21 moving joints of articulation.  Eyes and wigs can be  easily be removed and replaced to the delight of the owner.   Lia was made to be played with, not to just sit on a shelf to be admired.  This line of Lia dolls was retired several years ago, and to collector's delight, a new Lia has been introduced. 

The new Lia, InMotion girl, is also 12" tall.  However, she has matured somewhat, featuring a 'teen' shapely body and a new, more adult facial sculpt. Lia's head sculpt is unique to her, at this point, no other doll has this wonderful fashion doll look.  The wig is still readily removable  as the scalp cap, which gains access to the eyes for changing.